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The last decade has witnessed a surge of bands from Spain which carry a flame and intensity intimately connected to the historical and numinous roots from its places of creation. Visually austere and nihilistic, sonically summoning a pagan and crude aesthetic, this draught of projects picked the soil wherein they derive and in blood red inscribed its individuality by matter of a current of strong and profound Black Metal releases.

Gaua is a fairly recent horde, having since 2015 released a demo and a split with Basque Country project Ur. “Feeble Psychotic Vortex” is the title of the new output, three new tracks and a colossal Vlad Tepes cover version bursting of immense depth and musical strength. Picking on the elements engraved in previous releases, Gaua takes a step further in songwriting merits and the virtue of summoning an immense landscape of charismatic arrangements. The six-string work is nothing short than brilliant with epic, cutting and thunderous riffs and lead elements encapsulating the presence and mystery of the aura which inspires Gaua’s music. The powerful rhythmic section flawlessly accompanies the superior guitar work in an instigating and genuine manner, creating a structural backbone complete with time changes and pulsating energy. The vocals perfectly capture the turmoil and spirit of the lyrical content on an alluring, strong performance, an excellent accomplice to the effulgent rhythmic ensemble. Excellently captured and mixed, the sound of Gaua emanates with ecstasy and sublimity over a rich yet fully organic production, one which pertains the livelihood of the arrangements in its full splendor.

Proudly released by Altare Productions on a CD edition, limited to 100 copies, “Feeble Psychotic Vortex” is a definite opus of Black Metal grandeur, a paragon of atmosphere, intensity and fervent devotion.
(Text by M. Souto)

Presented in a 4 panel digipak. Recommended to those into Owl's Blood, Ostots and Sentimen Beltza.