Holocausto em Chamas ‎– Sermões da Montanha Tape

Image of Holocausto em Chamas ‎– Sermões da Montanha Tape


Coinciding with 10″ vinyl split EP with Iceland’s ÓREIÐA, here HOLOCAUSTO EM CHAMAS reveal the first and foulest strike. In many ways, this strike is pure Portuguese black metal RAWNESS – thirsty, miserable, howling, haunting – but this brand-new cult reveal a wealth of ugly forms across Sermões da Montanha. Not for nothing was it recorded in a cave; its lyrics concern the judgment and condemnation of the bastard Jesus Christ. Rude, crude, and caustic, there’s an incessantly gnawing sensation here that’s simply overwhelming – or offending. Submit to it, or fuck off. It matters not to HOLOCAUSTO EM CHAMAS.

White chrome cassette on white case with black ink on cassette shell.

Black ink over 120grs recycled paper.

Limited to 100 pieces.