Black Draugwath – The Draugwath Legacy 2xLP

Image of Black Draugwath – The Draugwath Legacy 2xLP


Journeying to the arch throne of the darkest side of shadow, come those riders of the wind, those keepers of the cursed forest, those masters of ancient purity known only by the helm of Black Draugwath. Torn from the eldritch womb in the age of 1995, Black Draugwath one of the earliest Russian black metal in modern day's definition, existed for three years in the cold confine of its freezing homeland, eventually metamorphosing into the more well known Blackdeath; but before this transformation, Black Draugwath would release a trinity of demos that have not yet been collected together in one grim artefact.

The Draugwath Legacy is a dead earth stained grimoire unearthed to preach forth raw black metal misery. Compiling the demo incantations of:

- Promo 1995
- Dwellers of the Cursed Forest Demo 1995
- Apocalyptic Songs Demo 1996
- The Bottomless Armageddon EP 1998

The Draugwath Legacy expresses exactly what it states, unleashing upon those experiencing a true taste of early Russian black metal; one steeped in a emaciated wall of dissonant tremolo noise, mechanical percussion, shrieking vocal oration and an attitude of unrelenting savagery that cares not one whit for mortality. For those seeking to taste the dead earth of the wandering woodlands, to savour the sounds of old, slumber beneath the cold dreams of the wolf’s spirit, your journey has come to an end. The legacy awaits. The black teeth of the moon wolf its harbinger.

Available on gatefold double 12" for one time press of 200 copies, this is our homage to the pioneer of true black metal in the cold arctica soil.