Black Draugwath – The True Bottomless Armageddon 12" LP

Image of Black Draugwath – The True Bottomless Armageddon 12" LP


The True Bottomless Armageddon writhes in the full moon spell of the black moors, relishes in its orthodox expression of raw black metal drone dissonance. Unlike Blackdeath’s The Bottomless Armageddon, the original Black Draugwath version is far more raw in its execution, and features the original vocal orations. A fierce force of unrelenting archaic tremolo melodics, thick audible basslines, pulverising penetration percussion, eerie compositional atmospherics, and varied expression of spell solace, one that balances its orthodox heritage well with that of brief experimental forays of hypnotic repetition. The True Bottomless Armageddon is the most potent incantation Black Draugwath would pen before it's rebirth as Blackdeath, and will be a sanguine feast for those already familiar with the Russian entity, but also a superb entry point for those unfamiliar and unknowing of the black wolf’s spirit.

As per @true_abysslooker himself, "Originally “Bottomless Armageddon” album was released under the name Blackdeath as it was already the name under which we were active by that time, and a lot of work was made to give the album its newest form. If you are interested in details you can read “The true history of the True Bottomless Armageddon”, both tragic and funny I dare say now, at Blackdeath's official site or in the booklet of the CD release issued by Heidens Hart back in 2013. Technically, though, it's the Draugwath's album which just failed to become the band's debut. So, in a way, this release is the third disc of “The Draugwath Legacy”. By contrast with two first ones, however, its sound is more dry than raw, but it by no means lessens the charm of vault sounding which was a true hallmark of then underground Black Metal. And we hope it'll still lead you through the icy deserts into that bottomless pit of never ending Armageddon."

Now, this album firstly released on vinyl in its initial form after so many years, for one time press of 200 copies.