Infernüs ‎– Eclipse Perpétuo 12" LP

Image of Infernüs ‎– Eclipse Perpétuo 12" LP


The Portuguese Raw Black Metal scene has been gathering some attention in the last few years, but contrary to what some might think, this uncompromising branch of Portuguese Black Metal is not a recent phenomenon. Its roots go back to the 90's, a distant time in which Summum Malum, first, and Infernüs, soon after, set an attitude and a conception of Black Metal that modeled the following generations of bands.
Born in the mountainous region of Beira Baixa, Infernüs developed their identity isolated from the current trends, delivering a fierce, violent and crude sort of Black Metal, with Portuguese lyrics and an uncompromising attitude, that contrasted with most Portuguese contemporary bands. Away from any media attention, social media presence or any other "promotional" gimmick, Infernüs remained as one of Portuguese's underground best kept secrets for years, only surfacing with scarce live appearances in their far-off region and releasing just a few public demo tapes in almost 20 years of existence. At the same time, their connection with the seminal underground label Purodium Records and the member sharing with other pivotal bands (like Insalubre or Nortada Gelada), confirm that Infernüs's historic importance in the scene goes way beyond the music realm.
Well acquainted of Infernüs pathway, Altare is especially proud to present the long awaited first Infernüs album, entitled "Eclipse Perpétuo". This record features, for the first time, a set of songs that have been played live by the band (some featured in 2016's live LP "Live at Invicta Requiem Mass I 29/10/16"), establishing "Eclipse Perpétuo" as the definitive Infernüs offering, the true monument to these two decades of filth.
Featuring Blasphemator's unique vocal offering, the album is a relentless demonstration of cold Black Metal, straight from the second wave (in the vein of early Darkthrone and Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas), corroborating the timeless dark essence of Infernüs music.