Irae / Mors de Corpus ‎– Split 12" LP

Image of Irae / Mors de Corpus ‎– Split 12" LP


Aussie & Lusitania madness gathered in a unique 12".

IRAE is back with 4 new tracks, a return to the dungeons itself, a manifest of the always present raw and devilish line of IRAE!

Irae is Vulturius, Vulturius is Irae!

After a widely distributed promo cassette back in 2017, Australian based duo is back! B.H & Old, the veterans from the highly prolific Perth scene bring us 3 new tracks of Raw Black Metal. Brutal and desolated as Western Australia can be!

Limited to 300 pieces, black wax with 350gms reverse side print, 3mm spine cardboard sleeves.