Lord Valtgryftake – Buried Under the Carved Runes CD

Image of Lord Valtgryftake – Buried Under the Carved Runes CD


After a compilation based on works from the past, Lord Valtgryftåke "Buried Under the Carved Runes" is a totally fresh and very characteristic facet of this veteran is now shown. A sound coupling of rustic, old and classic aspect of the old pioneering hordes of black metal, this work enhances with malevolent winds some of the chamber recordings, never finished rehearsals etc, all this made available again in a new and characterful album.

Leaving a really interesting overture together with an intense lyrical message, pagan and full of southern mysticism. One of the main decisions to take into consideration was to venture into the old Nordic, Greek and Polish sounds to give an evil form to this new spectrum and transcend various parameters of minimalism orchestrated by a black twilight...