Seance Of – Welcome to the Seance Tape

Image of Seance Of – Welcome to the Seance Tape


Tearing asunder the arterial networks of mortal meekness, their innards steaming upon the stone altar, as auguries are gained from the configurations of spent flesh and infected fluids, comes that doomsayer of dirge known only as Bidirna Dhamani. Prophesied in the age of 2022, Bidirna Dhamani is an Indian death entity and one of the many faces of the eternal, this visage that of crushing death doom deviltry, one that aligns its preachings with the Kolkata Inner Order. Making its debut of delusions known by hammer of bone, Bidirna Dhamani has conspired with the iron blood of GoatowaRex battle berserk to bring this debut into the hands of acolytes by medium of cassette tape cruel.

Stained with the lifeblood of the weak, Bidirna Dhamani’s debut incantation is the taboo tyranny and breaker of all things sacred. A revival of spiritual practices once thought obsolete, Bidirna Dhamani etch a sonic blood carving of devastating death doom, contrasting monolithic passages of dreary doom with that of blistering death metal mania, inferno of sanguine suffering brought into towering holocaust by strange instrumentation of objects thought once lost. An eternal stream of insatiable horror lust, Bidirna Dhamani is the dissolution of the dream, only the cacophony of bones broken, veins slayed and spirits raped to be heard amongst the shattered stars above.