Wampyric Rites – Demo II 12" LP

Image of Wampyric Rites – Demo II 12" LP


Eyes of red illuminating the castle maze hives from obsidian towers of infinite sorcerous sadism, seeking victims of virginal virtue, arterial networks glowing from beneath pathetic of pallid flesh, descends the flesh blasphemy known only by herald of Wampyric Rites. Returning from its spectral interdimensional realm in the age of 2019, Wampyric Rites is a potent force of Ecuadorian raw vampyric black metal, whose earliest ages of black crusade were led by Wampyric Strigoi, A, S, and Vrolok, the latter of which now rests in the power of the petrifying blood sacred. It would be in these early ages that Wampyric Rites would create a selection of its most infamous incantations, with the cruel clarity of Inferna Profundus Records bringing one of these nosferatu necromancies to acolytes for savour upon barbed tongue of the sanguine once again.

Declaring the doom of the mortal meek from first emission of dungeon synth dirge, Demo II are the continued chronicles of the immortal eye black hearted aristocracy. Composed of a truly emaciated style of dissonant raw black metal and contrasted by rituals melancholy medieval dungeon synth, Wampyric Rites have created a funerary landscape of moldering temple chambers, abandoned mortal refuges and bloodpit weeping apothecaries, tearing into its listeners at one moment with clashing percussion and entropic tremolo, only to draw sorrow from their spirits with phantasmal ambience and electric organ melodics the next. Demo II is one of Wampyric Rite’s most blasphemous terror tomes and an excellent grimoire to begin exploring the eclectic variety of vampyric sorceries this cadevrous entity of gloom gluttony.